Friday, February 21, 2014

oh no - you are only imagining...

no, i did not forget to post yesterday. i sat down at the computer. imagined the whole thing happening. i imagined typing, scrambling throughout the files in my mind.

i hit the 'publish' button. did you imagine i forgot? did you imagine? no? can you imagine the wonderful post? it is there in the invisible recesses of light.

so, send to me via email the what you saw in yesterday's post. i promise i will send you a little something if i think you are on to something.

only one email will be posted here. only one email. that is, the email with the finest imagination will get that little something sent to an address you provide.

by submitting you allow me to post your imagination here on this very blog. if you do not want your name associated just say so.

start imagining the possibilities.



1 comment:

  1. I read it! You talked about your love of words and writing. Why you write what you write which translates eventually to why you paint what you paint. Your ABOUT YOU impressed me a long, long time ago. Brilliant. Creative... Why are other creative artists not creative with words? It's so important. Master. You are a master.