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Ripped from the pages of Facebook.

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Dave Charlton Fine Art launching soon!

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darwin is dead

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i just love him so much

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look over your shoulder again

Photograph by Maarten
Maarten De Wispelaere is a Belgium based Photographer & IT Consultant currently working as a Senior ICT Engineer at Apertoso NV.
His passion for photography took off during his honeymoon in Cuba. When he came back in Belgium, he signed up for multiple photography courses and bought his first DSLR, the Canon 30D. Since that moment, thousands of pictures have been taken.
Little time after buying his DSLR, Maarten started his first photoblog (, back in February 2007. This blog was active until September 2012 and hosted over 300 pictures. The last image that was originally posted on this website was “Crossing the line“, originally never intended to be the last image, although the title might suggest otherwise. These images, among more recent posts, can now be seen in the “Blog” section of this website.

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10 most mysterious photographs taken

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

'It's hard to explain murder'

- dean cornwell, 1920

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a view

Main Entry: desert plant
Function: noun

: a plant suited to the environment of arid regions of little rainfall that often stores water in its tissues or hollow center and reduces transpiration by total or seasonal leaflessness or by a densely hairy, waxy, varnished, or otherwise modified leaf : a xerophilous plant.

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I'm the man who loves you

Friend of ferlinghetti, student of ansel adams, hugh, who only shoots in black and white happens to be a totally cool dude.

- steveie b. 

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the raid 2 


a triumphant sequel

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The hard facts

Hi. I have put on weight since this picture was taken. But hey. I'm number one so why try harder?

Cat in a room

Cat embellish linen sheets hanging on a morning window.

There is so much bright blue light beyond a feline's shifting place.

In here i am a black cat.

- painting by Andrew Wyeth

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the trouble with painting

Um, excuse me sir but do you have a light?

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thank you Kathi J. Smith - You are just the what i needed.

Kathi J. Smith


My work is reflective of places in which I find myself lost in the act of looking. Complicated spaces with an abundance of information intrigue me and I consider it my task as an artist to find order within them. I am currently interested in the role of landscapes in developing a sense of one’s self and, when conjured through sensations, how powerful the visual memory of a place can be. 

Recently, I have been painting places relevant to my personal history; memories of my family's homestead in Nova Scotia, my hometown in Western Maine, and the White Mountains where I currently reside. Concurrently, I have been creating bodies of work on location at artist residencies, in Maine, Connecticut, Virginia, and Vermont. These intense month long periods of working have resulted in further explorations of my sense of place, and the landscapes I have found myself within. All of the works are records of locations that I have spent a significant amount of time. Some are made from direct observation, while others from memory, all provide my sense of any given space.

Kathi Smith -2014

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