Wednesday, December 9, 2009

the independent: obsessed with independent film since 1978

About Us

Independent Media Publications aims to inform, promote, encourage and mobilize the independent and grassroots media arts movement. Founded in 2007, the organization inherited the rights to the Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers’ (AIVF) publications, including the 30-year archives ofThe Independent Film & Video Monthly and several books. Since its inception, the organization has relaunched the magazine online with over 12,000 subscribers and will publish its first book The Independent’s Guide to Film Distributors.

Since 1978, The Independent has been the leading source of information for independent, grassroots and activist media-makers, providing inspiration and information for their films and video projects, as well as creating connections to the larger independent media community.

With your support, we hope to digitize and post online all the articles dating back to the first issue in 1978, in order to preserve this invaluable historic resource for the independent film community. Other plans for this year include publishing the 2009 Distributor Guidebook both as an online resource and print book, and continuing to bring readers The Independent online.

For more information see "The Independent is Back!" and "A Q&A With Our Readers".

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