Tuesday, December 15, 2009

ladies and gentlemen...

i present the "who drew this masterpiece?" contest prize winner...

Mr. Dave Taylor properly named Degas as the mystery Artist

email reply 1 - 8:03 pm

James McNeill Whistler - Dave

email reply 2 - 8:15 pm

I take that back. I've never seen this drawing before, but the diagonal strokes resemble Ingres technique, and Degas was devoted to him, especially in his youth.

Degas - Dave

something about edgar degas:

degas made several studies of his youngest brother rene de gas - eleven years his junior - in the period between his secondary school graduation and his extended trip to italy. this study remained in degas's studio until his death.

dave, you are the man and obviously quite learned. thanks for playing...

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btw -
dave, email me with an address where you would like the prize sent.

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