Thursday, November 12, 2009

the black hole...

i seem to have a way of losing everything. keys, notes, pens, phones, phone numbers, my mind. the list could go on forever.

due to this sad fact, friends and i have always joked that somewhere in my house is one of those extraterrestrial, light and gravity, hideous sand sucking black holes... you know, the kind that astronomers calculate the existence of although they really have no concrete proof thereof.

that is until now...

for instance. i came across these two slides today.

the first, a study from this pink umbrella period. the second an early coastal plein-aire sketch.

seriously i have no idea where the paintings are... trust me, i searched and searched.

maybe i painted over them. maybe the dogs ate them. maybe they're being used as shims somewhere. maybe the kids used them as frisbees. maybe some old lady is using them to cover up a hole in her chicken coop.

or maybe they've been taken by that mysterious black hole...

or maybe, just maybe it really doesn't matter.

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