Sunday, November 22, 2009

putting words in winslow's mouth

coffee pours
as hot oil
a burnt throat
to speak

throwing a voice

over quiet lake
babbling stones
cast fly's
snagging rainbows

down down down
go the color
up again
flash speck silver
train muscle
stoned cold flesh
under liquid ice
blacker than blue

as pine
hint low
qunicridone red
cheeky blue
giving way
to silver

bright white
slivered silver

no moon
lunar eclipse
fond twinkling

a grand overseer
reflectively forlorn
over sincere
struggling below
upon below
lake quiet

clicks spinning
life blood
hands of hunger
flesh scent
earths blood

watch close
end is near

air test
silver shine rainbow
silence broke

kindling cracks
burns black crust
mud takes back
the insides of it's own

fresh consumption
flesh and water
quiet lake offering

stars beckon
sister moon's
full bloom

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have fun...

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