Monday, November 30, 2009

the fighter saw stars.

celestial bodies. forms. grace. the space between him and what he was fighting for. he'd seen stars before. certainly.

this was the first time.

time was different. this time. the stars grabbed his attention. slowing time down. he inhaled it all in. life in.

the celestial bodies brightened. milky way's magnitude stepped back. revealed her gems. orion's belt followed it's imaginary line to the north star, bounced toward the bull and paused upon it's twinkling strength.

he'd never known such bright stars. such black. space.

he began to connect dots. stars. moons. galaxies. forming his own ideas. patterns.

heavens began to fade. he bid adieu. inhaled it all in.

the bell rang. round 14. he realized for the first time. the first time. what it was. why it was.

he was fighting forward.

the ref summoned the 2 prize fighters to the center of the canvas. jeers issued. encouragement. issued passion. ring side.

the fighter stood in the center of the square. lowered his hands. his arms. let his shoulders soften. as the opponent landed a direct hit. a massive attack. his bludgeoned face...

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